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The summer of 2009 marked the third annual Ames Plantation archaeology field school season. The school is a collaborative effort between the Ames Plantation, Rhodes College, and the University of Memphis. For three weeks each summer students participate in excavations addressing both historic and pre-historic research objectives.

Dr. Milton Morland with Rhodes College, along with Mr. Guy Weaver with Weaver and Associates, direct students during the excavations of 19th century sites relating to the area's cotton plantation tradition. More specifically they are addressing the activities and living conditions of slaves present on both small family farms and the larger cotton plantations.

Dr. Andrew Mickelson with the University of Tennessee involves students with his research on the Plantation's late-Woodland and early-Mississippian occupants. Dr. Mickelson's research is centered aroung a late-Mississippian village / ceremonial center as well as numerous smaller occupation sites.

These photos are representative of the student's experience during a typical field season.

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