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Here on the Ames Plantation photo site we introduce you to the dogs involved in each brace and to those individuals who made their appearance in the National possible. We also attempt to capture their bird work and other "on the course action" which can be difficult to see and even harder to relive after the excitement of the moment passes.

It takes tremendous effort on the part of many people working both behind the scenes and on the stage to make this great sporting event possible. In recognition of the contributions made by so many we attempt to capture those efforts here.
Photos and videos posted here represent the combined efforts of Brad Harter, Ken Blackman, Vera Courtney and Jamie Evans. The website is managed by Dee Evans.

Photos will be added throughout each day. We attempt to have each day's photos completed by 8:00 pm. We hope you enjoy visiting the National Championship here on the Ames Website. Click on each photo for individual viewing or click the "Slide Show" button at the top right of your screen to launch your personal tour.

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