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Ames Plantation, home of the National Field Trial Championship for All-Age Bird Dogs, is a privately owned research and education facility operated by Successor Trustees of the Hobart Ames Foundation through the Will of the late Julia Colony Ames.

The Plantation's 18,400 acre land base is made available to UT AgResearch as one of 10 Research and Education Centers located acorss the State of Tennessee. The Ames Foundation also partners with other universities and state agencies across the southern United States in a multitued of research and educational endeavors. Its cooperative programs focus on forestry-wildlife interactions as well as forage, beef cattle, plant and soil science, and cultural resource issues.

It is through this website that we wish to share with you a visual record of the Ames Plantation. Use our photo galleries as your personal window through which you may explore our exciting educational, sporting and research activities.

For more information about the Ames Plantation visit our website at

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